Strategies for Preventing Relapse

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It’s no secret that a high percentage of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts relapse at least once, and many people have to go through the recovery process multiple times before it finally sticks. Read more

How to Avoid Relapse

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Successfully completing a drug rehab program is a great accomplishment, and it is a very difficult and challenging undertaking. For most people, however, simply getting through substance abuse treatment is not the end of the challenges that they face: Avoiding relapse is arguably one of the most difficult parts of maintaining recovery over time. Read more

Supporting a Family Member Addicted to Prescription Opiates

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Opiate addiction can be just as devastating for the family as it is for the addict. It’s not easy having a husband or wife who is addicted to painkillers. Your spouse is supposed to be your partner in all things, so when an addiction robs them of their ability to function normally or to be there when you need them, this can cause feelings of pain and betrayal. Read more

Rehab Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Professional Reputation

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The most common reason that people give for not wanting to go through drug or alcohol rehab is that they are afraid of the social or professional ramifications. Read more

Addiction Treatment Options and Services

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It takes courage to admit that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and also to seek help. Research has shown that receiving treatment and support from others greatly increases the probability of full and lasting recovery from addiction. Read more